Volume 43, Issue 7, July 2013

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Table of Contents


Mapping Perceptual Value Shifts in Timepieces through Lifestyle Associations  | 
Debashish Sengupta, Ray Titus 5-20
Total views: 536
Product Placement: A Critical Review Based on Ethical Theories  | 
Mohammad Masrurul Mowla, Nazamul Hoque 21-29
Total views: 962
Children and Parents' Interest in TV Advertisements: Elucidating the Persuasive Intent of Advertisements  | 
Vikas Saraf, N. C. Jain, Mahendra Singhai 30-43
Total views: 616
Factors Influencing Students' Preference of Management Institutes: A Kano Model Analysis  | 
Sarang Shankar Bhola, Rishikesh Krishnaji Nalawade 44-52
Total views: 407
Emerging Trends in Distribution in the Life Insurance Sector in India: A Study of a few Leading Players  | 
Abhijit Sinha 53-61
Total views: 3656