Volume 43, Issue 3, March 2013

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Table of Contents


Measuring Customer Based Brand Equity Using Aaker's Model  | 
R. Shashikala, A. M. Suresh 5-13
Total views: 2355
Role of Music on Perceived Price in Retail Stores  | 
R. K. Srivastava 14-23
Total views: 692
Cloning in Indian Advertisements: Getting Two for the Price of One?  | 
Amit Banerji, Mohd Iqbal Khan, Mudasir Ahad Wani 24-32
Total views: 285
Exploring the Sources of Influence in formation and Changing of Girls' Attitude towards the Consumption of Fashion Products  | 
Priyanka Pegu, Brajesh Kumar 33-39
Total views: 335
A Review on Sproles & Kendall's Consumer Style Inventory (CSI) for Analyzing Decision Making Styles of Consumers  | 
Ruby Jain, Arti Sharma 40-47
Total views: 5591
Fodder Distribution Operations as Sustainable Economic Progress in Semi-Urban Areas  | 
A. K. Ray, Dhananjoy Datta 48-56
Total views: 307