Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2009

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Table of Contents


A Cognitive 'Just' Brand Model:How Sustainable Is It?  | 
Sandip Anand 3-11
Total views: 175
Towards Achieving A 'Second Green Revolution'-The Role of Radiation Technology in Food Processing Management  | 
S. Sitalakshmi 12-16
Total views: 90
Reality Shows:The New Marketing Tool  | 
Debashish Sengupta 17-19
Total views: 179
Baba Ramdev:A Cult Brand in the Making  | 
Mrinalini Pandey 20-24
Total views: 281
A New Inventory Model for Maintenance Organizations  | 
N. V. Ramana Murthy 25-29
Total views: 162
Promotion Related Preferences of News Channel Audiences in Indore and Dehradun-A Comparative Study  | 
Anand Sapre, Amit Nagpal 30-37
Total views: 122
Consumers' Perception of Private Brands:An Empirical Examination  | 
Shilpa S. Kokatnur 38-44
Total views: 116
E-Marketing Methods and Application For Successful Marketing in Global Marketing Scenario  | 
C. Senthil Nathan 45-54
Total views: 108