Volume 39, Issue 3, March 2009

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Table of Contents


Emerging Trends of Aggressive Movie Marketing:Lessons Learned from Ghajini  | 
Indranil Mutsuddi, Rimi Mutsuddi 3-9
Total views: 174
Residential Mortgage Backed Securitization:The Market Oriented Alternative for Funding Housing in India  | 
P. R. Jaishankar 10-15
Total views: 118
Fostering an Organization and Culture for Perpetual Revolution  | 
N. V. Ramana Murthy 16-19
Total views: 88
A Study on Job Satisfaction of Woman Workers in Fireworks Industries in Tamil Nadu  | 
M. Ketharaj, M. Selvakumar 20-28
Total views: 316
Awareness and Impact of HIV/AIDS among the Teenagers in Ethiopia  | 
R. Renjith Kumar, Biju G. 29-36
Total views: 92
Socio-Economic Conditions of Workers of Fireworks Industry in Viridhunagar District  | 
S. Chandra Bose, P. K. Balamurugan, R. Velmurugan 37-46
Total views: 416
Cost and Return in Vanilla Cultivation-A Study with Special Reference to Coimbatore District  | 
K. Mahalakshmi 47-53
Total views: 184