Volume 39, Issue 10, October 2009

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Table of Contents


Role of Retailing and Growth of Hypermarkets in India  | 
N. Venkateswatan, V. Mahalakshmi 3-11
Total views: 199
Destination Hinterland:In's and Out's of Branding  | 
Sadaf Siraj, Pratima Sharma 12-18
Total views: 132
Design Centric Attitude-Marketing Approach for Emerging Economies  | 
Goodwin D. R., Jyothsna Priyadarsini K. 19-21
Total views: 122
Measuring Brand Recall in Print Media Advertising:A Study of Selected Brands of Personal Care Industry  | 
Rajesh Faldu 22-28
Total views: 159
Healthcare Services Accreditation as a Brand Positioning Tool:A 'B Loop-Dozen A' Model of Emergency Medical Services(EMS)  | 
Raj Kumar Singh 29-33
Total views: 143
Effectiveness of Global Advertisements on Indian Culture  | 
R. K. Srivastava 34-41
Total views: 167
The Changing Face of Audio-Media in India During Post Privatization Period:An Empirical Study  | 
J. K. Das, Ashutosh Kar 42-49
Total views: 128
Bancassurance-An Emerging Trend in Indian Service Sector  | 
R. Neelamegan, K. Pushpa Veni 50-55
Total views: 261
A Study on Customer Preference and Satisfaction towards Restaurants in Coimbatore City  | 
N. Yesodha Devi, V. S. Kanchana 56-63
Total views: 736