Volume 40, Issue 4, April 2010

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Table of Contents


Materialism: Construct Conceptualisation and Operationalisation  | 
Manit Mishra 3-9
Total views: 123
Industry Attractiveness of Indian Comic Industry  | 
Anjeet Khandelwal 10-17
Total views: 117
Driving Factors and Effectiveness of Sales Promotion in Shopping Malls: A Consumer Perspective  | 
Chandan A. Chavadi, Shilpa S. Kokatnur 18-26
Total views: 394
Customer Relationship Management with Reference to Products of High Customer Involvement  | 
P. K. Chopra, P. K. Mishra 27-39
Total views: 94
A Study on Credit Card Holders' Expectations and Preferences towards Selected Banks in Coimbatore City, Tamil Nadu  | 
A. Kumaresan, I. Chitrakala, K. Gowtham 40-49
Total views: 230
Existence of Brand Loyalty- A Myth or A Reality?  | 
Vijetha S. Shetty 50-54
Total views: 194
Yemeni Consumers' Perception and Attitude towards Asian made Products  | 
Ammar Yassin, Rohaizat Baharun 55-65
Total views: 119