Volume 40, Issue 10, October 2010

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Table of Contents


Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Decision of Laptops  | 
Ravi Soni, Rohit Lohani, Mahim Sagar 3-9
Total views: 1172
A Study of the Ornamental Fish Breeders in India for Analysing the Constraints in Enhancing Production  | 
Mini Sekharan, Soumya Subhra De 10-16
Total views: 236
A Study on Consumers' Perceived Value and Satisfaction with Insecticides Used in Paddy in Jorhat District of Assam  | 
Deepak Bhagat, B. K. Barooah 17-24
Total views: 193
A Study on Market Segmentation, Target Marketing and Product Positioning Strategy for Medical Tourism in Bangalore  | 
Akhila R. Udupa, G. Kotreshwar 25-29
Total views: 681
Web Based Marketing: Islamic Versus Conventional Banks of Pakistan  | 
Khaliq Ahmed, Muhammad Imran Kha, Muhammad Tahir Jan 30-37
Total views: 126
Marketing to Senior Consumers (West and India): A Review  | 
Adya Sharma 38-43
Total views: 160
Behavioral Aspect of Teenagers towards Internet Banking: An Empirical Study  | 
Bernadette D' Silva, Stephen D' Silva, Roshni Subodhkumar Bhuptai 44-53
Total views: 110
Brand Valuation: Financial - Marketing Interface of Metrics  | 
Shigufta Hena Uzma, Naveen Kumar 54-62
Total views: 119