Volume 40, Issue 11, November 2010

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Table of Contents


Microsoft's Windows Vs Google's Chrome - Who Will Win the Market?  | 
Sanjeet Kaur, Sumit Kumar Verma 3-8
Total views: 125
Winning Customers through Service Innovation-CAB WISE  | 
Vinay Kumar Nagu 9-13
Total views: 281
CRM Practices in the Asia Pacific Industry - A Conceptual Study  | 
R. Ruma Agnes 14-21
Total views: 116
Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies in the Service Industry- A Case Study  | 
V. Murugaiah, Radhika Vishvas 22-27
Total views: 191
Impact of Brand Preference Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction - A Meta Analysis for Passenger Cars  | 
C. Dharmaraj 28-35
Total views: 163
A Study on Customers' Attitude towards Online Shopping - An Indian Perspective  | 
Neelotpaul Banerjee, Anindya Dutta, Tanmoy Dasgupta 36-42
Total views: 718
A Critical Review of Gender Differences in Online Shopping  | 
Prashant D. Amin, Bijal Amin 43-52
Total views: 351
Life Insurance and Working Women: A Critical Study of Factors Affecting the Purchase Decision  | 
Manish Srivastava, Megha Rastogi 53-61
Total views: 136