Volume 42, Issue 4, April 2012

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Table of Contents


Marketing Paradigms for Rural India  | 
Thomas T. Thomas 4-9
Total views: 192
The Effect of Strategic Orientation on Market Performance of Hotels: Empirical Evidence from the Saudi Arabia Hospitality Industry  | 
Udjo Eseroghene Franklin, Amer Hani Al-Kassem 10-15
Total views: 312
"Subhiksha": The Saga of the Rise and Fall of India's Sam  | 
Sathyanarayanan R. S. 16-23
Total views: 331
An Empirical Study of Goan Students' Behaviour towards Advertisements  | 
Juao C. Costa 24-34
Total views: 337
Analysis of Strategic Decision of Product Line Extension by IFFCO Using the BCG Model  | 
A. K. Asthana 35-41
Total views: 288
Application of Market Basket Analysis to Understand Students' Career Options: A Study on Management under Graduate Students at IU, Mizoram  | 
Mrinmoy Bhattacharjee, Pranjal Kalita 42-49
Total views: 177
Segmental Variations in Fish Consumption Behaviour: A Case Study of Sonitpur District of Assam  | 
Chandan Goswami, Pradip C. Bhuyan 50-57
Total views: 238
Maggi Noodles: Magic of the 2-Minute Campaign  | 
Rajni Kamboj 58-65
Total views: 624