Volume 41, Issue 2, February 2011

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Table of Contents


A Study on Banking Service Quality in Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu  | 
A. Ananth, A. Arulraj 3-14
Total views: 197
Recent Trends and Outlook in the International Sugar Industry  | 
C. Muthaiya 15-22
Total views: 157
Realigning Distribution Strategies for Effective Marketing Operations of a Business:An Empirical Study Based on Tropicana  | 
Suman Kumar Dawn 23-31
Total views: 115
An Empirical Study to Find the Gaps in Call Coverage and its Impact on Sales Performance  | 
Sunil Gupta 32-38
Total views: 135
Conceptual Framework of Mobile Marketing:Spamming the Consumer around the World  | 
R. Sivarethina Mohan, P. Aranganathan 39-45
Total views: 242
A Framework for Understanding Consumer Perceived Characteristics of Internet Banking as Predicators of its Adoption  | 
Prema C. 46-53
Total views: 186
The Private Label (Brand):Retailers' Value Proposition and Strategic Tool of Differentiation  | 
Pravin Pandurand Patil, Vidyadhar Vedak 54-60
Total views: 215