Volume 43, Issue 9, September 2013

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Table of Contents


An Exploratory Study of Ethical Perspectives of Celebrity Endorsements  | 
T. Joel Gnanapragash, P. C. Sekar 5-13
Total views: 665
"Brand India" in Korea: A Case Study and Review of Nation Branding Research  | 
Rahul Anand 14-24
Total views: 312
Seed Mahotsav Scheme for Increasing the Scope of Indigenous Fish Marketing in West Bengal: Perception and Constraint Analysis  | 
Amitava Ghosh, Arpita Sharma, Rashmi Ambulkar 25-31
Total views: 262
Consumers' Perception towards Miraculous Claims of Brands with Aesthetic Appeal  | 
Saurabh, Akhil Mahajan 32-40
Total views: 260
An Empirical Investigation of Website Design Characteristics, Consumer Trust, and Intention to Shop Online in Hyderabad  | 
Mohd Layaq Ahamad, Shaikh Mohd Zafar 41-46
Total views: 586
Psychological Motivations and Compulsive Buying: A Study of Consumers in Delhi  | 
Shamsher Singh, Preeti Tak 47-56
Total views: 248