Volume 46, Issue 6, June 2016

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Table of Contents


Quest for Variation in Inter-Firm Influence:An Empirical Exploration  | 
Kaushik Mandal, Koushick Roy 7-22
Total views: 314
Scale Development and Validation for Evaluation of Premium Car Purchases  | 
K. R. Ravi, Kalyani Rangarajan 23-32
Total views: 363
A Study of Determinants of Brand Loyalty in Cosmetics for Women Consumers of Pune City Using Path Analysis via Regression  | 
Mukta Srivastava 33-50
Total views: 1851
Dynamics of Family Role Structure in Consumer Behaviour  | 
Rinalini Pathak Kakati, Shazeed Ahmed 51-61
Total views: 603

Book Review

Industrial Marketing:Text and Cases  | 
Namrata Vasudeo Jasrotia 62-64
Total views: 215