Volume 38, Issue 7, July 2008

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Table of Contents


An Attractiveness of Sarawak as Ecotourism Destination: An overview of Natural Based Market Segment
Goi Chai Lee, Chieng Fayrene Yew Leh
Total views: 152
International Advertising Strategy: Standardization or Adaptation?
Kunal Gaurav
Total views: 173
A Study on Export Performance of Dry Chillies and its Products from India
K. Shivashankar, Basavaraj Banakar
Total views: 231
Mushroom Making - Profitable Agribusiness in Pune District of Western Maharashtra - A Case Study
M. B. Nichit, S.N. Patil
Total views: 138
Television Viewing Behaviour Among Indian Kids
Manish Mittal
Total views: 145
Marketing Practices and Problems of Cotton Cultivators in Virudhunagar District
M. Balasubramanian, R. Eswaran
Total views: 121
Relationship Marketing: A Conceptual Analysis
Harbhajan Bansal, Komal Smriti
Total views: 92
Expenditure Pattern of College Girls in Dindigul Town, Tamil Nadu - An Exclusive Study
N. Rajasekar, S. Manimaran, M. S. Kokila
Total views: 159
Women and Shopping - An Empirical Study of Bangalore City
V. Murugaiah, Radhika Vishvas
Total views: 196