Volume 42, Issue 2, February 2012

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Table of Contents


Are Modern Day Marketers Indulging in Cultural Genocide by Changing Consuming Pattern?  | 
Ramaswami Venkatesh 4-7
Total views: 112
Marketing Strategies of Car Makers in the Pre-Owned Car Market in India  | 
B Shafiulla 8-16
Total views: 968
Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on Brand Image  | 
Debiprasad Mukherjee 17-26
Total views: 1237
Consumer Behavior Regarding Durable Goods  | 
Ramachandran Azhagaiah, Eganathan Ezhilarasi 27-39
Total views: 510
To Build a Model for the Determination of Factors that Result in the Success of the Organized Retail Sector in India and Analyzing its Relative Importance (With Reference to Fast Food Chains and Grocery and Vegetable Outlets)  | 
Ruchi Malik 40-50
Total views: 511
A Study on Customer's Satisfaction towards Service Quality of Organized Retail Stores in Haryana  | 
Manju Malik 51-60
Total views: 785