Volume 42, Issue 11, November 2012

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Table of Contents


Green Marketing in India: Some Eco-Issues  | 
H. Ramakrishna 5-15
Total views: 574
Cultural Values as Advertisement Themes in International and Indian Advertising  | 
Sunil Barthwal, N. L. Gupta 16-21
Total views: 485
Deciphering Assorted Findings on Marketer Transgression Linked to Service Recovery Paradox  | 
Padmakali Banerjee, Prabuddha Banerjee 22-29
Total views: 160
Effect of Sales Promotions and their Availability on Consumers' Buying Behaviour: A Perspective on Personal Hygiene Products  | 
Paragi Kuntal Shah, Bijal Nishant Mehta 30-37
Total views: 620
Marketing Cost of Wheat at Different Marketing Places in Haryana  | 
Anita Dagar, Sandeep Kumar 38-45
Total views: 270
Female Adolescents and Young Adult Consumers' Affinity for Online Flash Sales Concept in India: A Triangulation Approach  | 
Deblina Saha Vashishta, Shilpa Santosh Chadichal 46-58
Total views: 277