Volume 44, Issue 10, October 2014

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Table of Contents


Branding of B-Schools by Understanding the Expectations of Their Three Major Stakeholders  | 
Amar Eron Tigga, Pramod Pathak, Rohit Vishal Kumar 7-23
Total views: 367
Psychographic Segmentation of Facebook Users: A Cluster Analysis  | 
S. Franklin John, S. Senith, S. R. Jino Ramson 24-33
Total views: 700
Optimal Stocking Pattern of Chemical Fertilizers: An Application of the Waiting Time Model  | 
Manjunatha G. R., Kiran Kumar R. Patil, M. G. Chandrakanth 34-40
Total views: 186
Exploring the Antecedents in Formation of Attitude Towards Indian Cellular Services  | 
Nirmaljeet Virk 41-50
Total views: 202
Emotional Association with a Brand: A Link that Lasts in Consumers' Memory Through Experience  | 
Jyoti Rawat 51-59
Total views: 264